22.08.2019 Products

The First Success for 2N® Indoor Compact

Work with the best hardware. Our newest answering unit can boast its first success just several weeks after being introduced to the market!

2N® Indoor Compact was shortlisted in the Best New Hardware category in the 2019 CEDIA EMEA Awards. We also scored in this competition last year when the most popular security intercom, 2N® IP Verso, won in the same category. The award ceremony for this year’s CEDIA EMEA Awards will take place on 26 September in London. Wish us luck!

We’re not sure whether the jury was fascinated by the amazing design, the intuitive controls or simple installation and configuration, but we do know that these are not the only wonderful properties that 2N® Indoor Compact has.

See for yourselves!

Order a sample of the 2N® Indoor Compact answering unit and test the excellent properties of our newest answering unit!

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