11.09.2019 Software

Try out the New Innovations in My2N Cloud

As always, we put a lot of effort into making the My2N cloud absolutely reliable. We have upgraded the 2N® Remote Configuration service and substantially increased the number of users you can administer through My2N.

The number of active devices and users in our My2N cloud continues to grow. This is why we keep preparing new functions and ensuring the entire solution is extremely reliable. It is our platform’s chief added value  

Absolute product configuration reliability through the cloud
We want to make sure you get a reliable service for configuring 2N products through the cloud. To achieve this, we have revamped our service. The new architecture guarantees better performance and substantially improves the entire service’s reliability.

Worry-free My2N services in large projects
You already know that you can upload up to 10,000 users into IP intercoms. You can now create and administer all these users through the My2N portal. What is more, you’ll no longer overwrite local users created in the device itself when these users are uploaded. For simpler administration, users created in My2N are indicated with a special symbol. If you also want to use 2N® Access Commander in your project, then that’s not a problem. The intercom can store users from both platforms in these installations. The only condition being that the firmware must be at least version 2.26.

2N® Remote Configuration is 100 % operational
You can now see whether a device is “online” in the 2N® Remote Configuration service. Previously, you only saw whether a device was “ready“ for configuring. But it was not always actually available. We have now improved monitoring the status of connected devices and this will no longer occur. Devices in “online” status can be remotely configured immediately.

Make the best use of 2N products!

Don’t be afraid of the cloud and to try out the new and old functions of the My2N platform.

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