2N® IP Mobile

Can you imagine seeing everything that’s happening in front of your door on your mobile phone or tablet? We offer you the 2N® IP Mobile application, thanks to which you’ll be able to see images from a door intercom camera on the display of your mobile device and find out who’s at your door. Then it’s up to you whether or not you open the door and let your visitor in.

  • Accepting the call from the door on the tablet/mobile
  • Video transmission and lock control
  • No need to know any IP addresses

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The 2N® IP Mobile application enables you to not only see video and door intercom feeds, but to also communicate with the visitor at your door. All without complicated set-up, because using the application is very simple.

We have discontinued the development of and support for the 2N® IP Mobile application for mobile platforms due to technical changes in network communication. The application remains accessible in limited operation without the entitlement to technical support.

The 2N® IP Mobile app is fully replaced by the brand new 2N® Mobile Video application for iOS and Android, which brings several improvements.

These changes do not concern the users of the product 2N® Indoor Touch, on whose characteristics do mention changes affect. Product development of 2N® Indoor Touch remains a strategic goal of the company.