2N® Remote Configuration

2N’s free cloud service enables remote configuration of 2N IP intercoms and access units using the My2N portal. Additional configuration changes and solutions to unexpected problems only require an internet connection. Setup is very easy and it doesn’t require any advanced network infrastructure knowledge.

  • Save on travel costs
  • Offer instant help
  • No network setup needed
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Features & Benefits

  • Save on travel costs
    Technicians no longer need to come to you when changes in product configuration are required. Saving both time and costs, all that’s required is a computer with internet access.
  • Offer instant help
    Your device may be connected over the internet from anywhere with a web browser. You no longer need to wait for a technician to arrive.
  • No network setup needed
    2N® Remote Configuration works with most of the network setups without any additional configuration necessary.
  • Comfortable access
    Adding a device to the service and subsequent activation is very simple. Your 2N device is then configured through its regular web interface.
  • Secure connection
    The remote setup of 2N products using the 2N® Remote Configuration service is entirely safe, thanks to double encrypted communication.
  • Free remote configuration
    The 2N® Remote Configuration service is provided entirely free of charge. All you need to do is register the intercoms and access units at our www.my2n.com portal.
  • Simple product additions
    Adding a device for setup in the 2N® Remote Configuration is simple. All you need to know is its serial number and My2N security code of your device.
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Technical Parameters

General requirements
2N® Remote Configuration service is located at our My2N portal. To activate the service, you may easily open an account at www.my2n.com.
Supported browsers
Optimized for Google Chrome browser (version 40 and higher).
Other supported browsers: Mozilla Firefox (version 35 and higher), Internet Explorer (version 11 and higher). Other browsers were not texted and hence full functionality cannot be guaranteed.
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