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What’s behind the ingenious 2N mobile access control? Watch 2N On Air, February 25th
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Access Control System

We have designed our unique IP access control system so that you can profit from it. You don’t waste your precious time, you save money, and you don’t have to worry about administration.

Consider the access control from a modern point of view

Secure, flexible and easy to install. The access control system by 2N is all these things. Don’t burden yourself with choosing controllers, forget about extra cabling and time-consuming connection of devices to each other. Build the entire installation using nothing but IP technology. The only thing you will have to choose is the appropriate access control technology: mobile phone, RFID card, fingerprint or PIN code.

Why choose our access control system?

Fast and cheap installation

Each reader contains all the intelligence it needs right inside. Simply connect it to the network with a UTP cable – for communication and power. You don’t need a controller and you will also save on cabling.

A truly secure system

No empty words. Encrypted communication, dual authentication, 802.1x, anti-passback, tamper switches and security relays.

Combine access control methods

Choose conventional RFID technology, a keypad, fingerprint reader or the progressive Bluetooth. Feel free to combine various methods in a single installation.

Leave administration to customer

We have our own software to administrate the whole access control system. All that is needed is a short training session and your customers will be able to add users, issue visitor cards and modify access rights themselves.

Expand system whenever you want

You can include another reader or an additional 20 units in a new building wing. Adding new areas to the existing access rules is easy with just a couple of clicks.

Integrate with other systems

The whole system is based on open protocols and an open API. There is no easier way to connect an access control system with a VMS, IP telephony or facility management system.

Door communication as part of access control

Do not have an intercom of one brand and a reader of another at the door. Our intercoms offer a combination of audio-visual communication and access control. It looks better and it’s easier to administrate.

Secure lifts, too

A comprehensive access control system also restricts access to individual floors of the building. Use our reader for the lift cabin and an IP relay for access control for up to 64 floors.

Where is our system suitable?

In any solution to secure access to offices, meeting rooms, entrances to buildings and car parks and access to individual floors from the lift. We offer a comprehensive access control solution.

What is the solution composed of?

The brain of the whole solution is in the 2N® Access Commander software. This is used to manage devices, monitor them online, set up access rules, log all events for audit purposes and provide other functions. You and your customers will easily get your bearings in the clear web interface. The main feature of the solution is our 2N Access Unit smart readers. These ensure authorised access to selected areas in the building.

IP intercoms are also an integral part of our solution. These add two-way communication to access control. This makes them suitable for the main door to a building, entrances to garages or access to individual floors in the building. The last part which helps make up the whole solution is the IP relay module. The module ensures access control for individual floors from the lift. In combination with a 2N Access Unit in the lift cabin, this allows users access to only selected floors in the building.

How does the system work?

All the components of the 2N access control system are based on IP technology. All you need is a network cable by the door you want to secure. And that is no problem in today’s age of smart buildings. Network cables like this are also used by camera and security systems. This reduces costs relating to installation.

All our readers and IP intercoms can simply be connected to the IP network. A single cable is used for communication and PoE. Just connect the lock, the door contact or the exit button directly to the device. You can then easily configure everything using the 2N® Access Commander software. For smaller installations, we offer this SW pre-installed on a small PC. For larger installations, we have an application for virtual servers. Take a look at the diagram to see how easy it is!

Unique features of the 2N access control system

  • Reader and controller in one
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Smart phone instead of a card
  • Open to integration
  • Online monitoring and administration
  • Lifts are a part of the solution
  • Reader and intercom in the same design

Are you still unsure how to start off with our access control system?

Call Axis line at 1-800-444-2947 of fill in the form.

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