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Critical Communication

In critical situations, 100% reliability and simple operation are a must. And this is just where 2N® IP Safety comes in. For instance, it can be used to call help after an industrial accident or even halt the entire production line.

  • Robust and resilient to external factors
  • Durable design
  • Simple operation
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Critical Communication
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The intercom doesn’t mind dust, noise or water, and with its excellent audio characteristics allows comfortable communication in noisy surroundings. A 10 W speaker guarantees high-quality audibility and two microphones ensure that even the operator will hear the other party.

Mechanical ruggedness and a robust construction ensure long service life even in the demanding circumstances of industrial production. Its bright orange colour makes it quite unmissable even in poor visibility, and its functionality provides for a reliable and clear connection in crisis situations.

When it comes to configuring and managing, you have 2 options – the web interface of the device or, if installing a larger number of intercoms, you can use 2N® Access Commander.

No Project Is Too Big for Us

2N Presales professionals provide comprehensive services to help you select the right products from the wide-ranging 2N portfolio, then plan and design the appropriate solution ensuring total customer satisfaction.

  • Solution and Products Advisory
  • Design and planning
  • Design Review and Proof of Concept
  • Product and Software Customizations
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