Mobile Access

Give your customers the most convenient and securest method of access.

2N® Mobile Key

Offer customers the option to rid themselves of access cards. RFID cards are costly, often forget or lose them, and facility managers then need to arrange replacement.

Instead of this, residents can open all doors using the 2N® Mobile Key application on their smartphone. They choose exactly how:

  • Pressing a button in the application – they avoid touching the reader.
  • Touching the reader – they can leave their phone in their pocket.

The best thing is that mobile access by 2N is securer than any RFID card. Communication is encrypted at the same level of internet banking. 

2N® Mobile Video

Everybody wants to be flexible these days. If a visitor comes to see someone who has been held up at work, residents can open the door for their visitor remotely. How? Using the 2N® Mobile Video application!

The resident sees the visitor in a video call and can navigate them to the front door. What if it’s someone the resident doesn’t want to let in? They can use video preview and see who the visitor is before accepting the call.

The best thing about this application is that it connects 99.9% of calls. Thanks to this level of reliability, residents can relax on holiday and also open the door for friends who have come to water their plants.

Move with the times and offer the very best method of access

Access using a mobile phone has huge potential. Don’t miss your chance and offer this choice. We will give you some advice on how to go about things.

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