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Public Address

Every time we walk into a store, or are waiting for the train or going on the metro, we are surrounded with a variety of audio systems playing music or playing back spoken promotional or informative messages. Thanks to the 2N sound systems you can make use of existing data infrastructures and broadcast centrally from one location in high-definition audio, quite literally to anywhere in the world.

  • Central management and monitoring of all end-point equipment
  • Making announcements into as many as 100 zones
  • Scheduling of pre-recorded messages
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Public Address
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Easily manage and monitor all end-point devices using 2N® IP Audio Manager, all from one central computer. Set up 10 levels of broadcast priority, where e.g. the highest priority goes to the active message from any phone.

Broadcast high-definition audio to the entire system at once or send different recordings into as many as 100 different zones, either live, by streamed radio, or a scheduled play-list of pre-recorded messages.

Although the system also allows you to broadcast high-definition audio, you can set the quality to match the available bandwidth.

Customer Success Stories
2N Net Audio Solved Problems of the Biggest Turkish Retailer
Migros, the pioneer of organized retailing, runs more than 1,500 stores in a wide range of formats all over Turkey. They strive to give customers the benefit of technological developments while continue to provide them their trusted services. However, their public address system, which is also used for background music distribution in all their stores, gave them limited possibilities. The need to modernise it was increasingly obvious. Eventually, they chose Bircom, our valued distributor, to carry out the changes.

„With all our store formats, we are able to publish our instant promotions on a format basis, while playing appropriate music for our customers thanks to the broadcast mix in different formats. This caused quite good feedback from both our customers and our marketing department.“
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Customer Success Stories
Public Announcement Solution over Phone System
Tata Motors were looking for an IP public address system with possibility to deliver audio content to various destinations on vehicle assembly line. The system should have been able to connect to PBX with 3rd party software. Also, employees should be able to set priorities of what will be streamed based on the importance of the announcements.

„We were looking for IP based audio solution that would be modular, flexible and could bring us wide adjustment options. With 2N IP audio we have met all of our requirements. We were also pleased with the minimum lead time from design to startup.“
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Customer Success Stories
IP Audio System for West Midland Safari Park
To improve communication with its customers, West Midland Safari park wanted to combine its existing public address systems into one centralised audio system. West Midland Safari park was unable to run any new cabling for this project and wanted a solution that would work over their existing IP Network.

„We contacted ITM-Components with a brief to supply equipment that would enable us to broadcast messages and background music around the Park which was controlled from a central location. The 2N system we agreed upon has achieved exactly what we asked for and we are extremely pleased with the result. Throughout the entire project we have received excellent service from ITM-Components.“
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Customer Success Stories
2N Ensures Communication at Milford Marina
Highway Electrical Ltd was looking for a partner to provide an Ethernet based solution for the communication with Pedestrian bridge at Milford Marina. Bridge was designed with a lifting span section to be controlled manually by an offsite operator 10 km away. This enables the movement of vessels from the Milford Marina and public boat ramp to the Hauraki Gulf.

„After a demonstration of 2N equipment and its capabilities, Highway Electrical partnered with Sietec Security and the installation exceeded Highways expectation with its flexibility and robust functionality over Ethernet.“
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No Project Is Too Big for Us

2N Presales professionals provide comprehensive services to help you select the right products from the wide-ranging 2N portfolio, then plan and design the appropriate solution ensuring total customer satisfaction.

  • Solution and Products Advisory
  • Design and planning
  • Design Review and Proof of Concept
  • Product and Software Customizations
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