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Telephone line over GSM

Have you ever been in the situation of not implementing the lift emergency communication system soon enough, due to over-long lead times for fixed line connection? You can rely on the GSM phone solution to make sure you’ll never face that again.

  • An immediate replacement for fixed lines
  • Zero monthly fixed-line costs
  • Backup power supply
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Telephone line over GSM
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The lift phone solution via GSM consists of an analogue GSM/UMTS gateway, the 2N® EasyGate PRO. Connecting any lift emergency communicator to it is simple, making it an ideal solution for installation in an elevator project.

This GSM/UMTS lift gateway serves as a full-scale replacement for fixed lines. In addition, it can save you money on calls from the lift. This also makes it a worthwhile idea if your current monthly fixed line costs are too high.

Another benefit of our solution is the integrated backup power source. The GSM/UMTS gateway can withstand electricity outages and stays fully functional even in the event of a complete loss of mains power. It will also automatically inform of such events, by sending SMS messages to a predefined number.

What’s more, you’re bound to appreciate how it is pre-configured in manufacture, for immediate use as soon as connected. A further interesting feature is the signal strength indicator, making it easy to find the best place for the antenna.

No Project Is Too Big for Us

2N Presales professionals provide comprehensive services to help you select the right products from the wide-ranging 2N portfolio, then plan and design the appropriate solution ensuring total customer satisfaction.

  • Solution and Products Advisory
  • Design and planning
  • Design Review and Proof of Concept
  • Product and Software Customizations
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