2N PrOJECT Designer 1.0

Try out the brand new 2N Project Designer 1.0

Simply configure 2N intercoms to enable the features you want. Combine it with 2N answering units and access units, then download your list of items as an XLS file.

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What can the 2N Project Designer 1.0 help you with?

The new project configuration tool 2N Project Designer 1.0 is a step-by-step guide for you and your customers to easily configure any intercom. In the end, you can export a list of items as an XLS file. It doesn't matter whether you're planning a commercial or residential MDU project, this unique tool is the right choice for any system integrator or planner. We encourage you to test its first version and let us know your suggestions for improvement.

What are the main features of 2N Project Designer 1.0?

  • You can select a 2N intercom that fits your project's needs
  • Choose desired modules, installation boxes and accessories 
  • Add licences and complementary products such as 2N answering units, etc.
  • Export the configured intercom to an XLS file

Please note that this is the 1.0 release of 2N Project Designer which is still undergoing development before its final version. 2N is not liable for any errors neither for completeness of XLS files. 2N Project Designer is not optimized for Internet Explorer.

In the meantime, we are already working on the next version of 2N Project Designer enhanced with more features. The most important of them will be a possibility to not only configure single intercoms but also answering units and access units. Once you configure a product, you’ll be able to further duplicate and modify your set up. This way you´ll get a complete project design.

Not sure how to work with 2N Project Designer?

Don’t worry! We prepared the Project Designer 1.0 video tutorial for you.

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We Need Your Feedback

 Once you start using the 2N Project Designer 1.0, please be sure to reach out to us with feedback. We appreciate your help.

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