Sharpen your technical skills and improve your business tactics and sales arguments thanks to regular technical and sales training courses.

Technical Training

Technical training sessions from 2N will help you improve your knowledge of our products, their functions, necessary licences and available accessories. Your newly acquired knowledge will help you deal with technical issues of your customers more quickly.

Why to join our technical training?

  • You will learn how to install 2N products
  • You will identify technical issues faster and solve them more effective
  • You will gain know-how for providing remote technical support
  • You will eliminate unnecessary trips to installation sites
Technical training overview

Sales Training

All sales courses from 2N are focused on business tactics and sales arguments. You will thus be able to offer our products to greater effect and with a higher sales success rate than ever before.

What you will learn during sales training?

  • What are the market trends for 2N products
  • How to take advantage of the unique properties of our products
  • Where best to focus when selling 2N products to maximise your sales opportunities
  • Which products to offer in what vertical markets
  • What arguments to use for the given case and how to respond to any objections
Sales training overview