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testimonial-safety2N® Helios IP Safety works as SOS point at highway

I would like to inform you about a great notice that the 2N® Helios IP Safety were successfully installed and now working as SOS points at highways in western part of country. Mexican President was at the inauguration opening of the new highway and the 2N products were seen on that event.

Miguel Herrera, CEO, Acaxes

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testimonial-vario-for-pbs2N® Helios IP Vario increases security at school

I have been completely satisifed with the quality of service, the quality of product and the improvements it has brought to our organisation. A dynamic response to customer needs ensured that we recieved a security and communication solution that enabled us to fulfill our desire to rationalise communcation provision and safety for children.

Tim Roberts, Senior School Director, PBS

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testimonial-vario-for-elsat2N® Helios IP Vario intercom as part of the home automation system

One of the requested features was increased security, and that is when 2N® Helios IP intercom is needed. The best benefit that our client can offer now thanks to the intercom is that smart houses equipped with tenLogic system can now enable video communication for all visitors.

Julija Firsova-Milovanović, Manager, 2CON

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testimonial-vario-for-nhs2N® Helios IP Vario increases security in the administration building

From an IT and administration view, the 2N solution gave us a centralised communication system that made use of the existing infrastructure. The expansion unit has given us a great deal of flexibility, enabling every department to have at least one button. Additionally we were able to integrate it with our speech recognition enabled telephony solution, which means visitors can use the 2N solution to ask for anyone in the building and subsequently speak directly to them. In a building accommodating over 500 people, this has given us increased flexibility and security.

Keith Tudge, Deputy Server Manager, ITM Components, Ltd.

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testimonial-audio-kit2N® Helios IP Audio Kit integrated in parking solutions

Our existing technology had become extremely outdated, and we needed reliable IP equipment for our parking systems from someone who had experience with a similar solution. 2N offered us the 2N® Helios IP Audio Kit solution, which mens our requirements, and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and software of this simplified VoIP solution.

Tomáš Zdobnický, Technical Director, GREEN Center

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testimonial-netspeaker-sip-speakerIP Audio systems for Municipalidad de Quinta Normal

The original technology did not allow us to connect PBX to the old audio system. The sound quality did not match our requirements. We sought to find out a technology that would allow us modernization and integration with the IP world.

Juan Valdivia, IT Manager, Quinta Normal

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testimonial-netspeaker-sip-speakerIP Audio system for West Midland Safari Park

We contacted ITM-Components with a brief to supply equipment that would enable us to broadcast messages and background music around the Park which was controlled from a central location. The 2N system we agreed upon has achieved exactly what we asked for and we are extremely pleased with the result. Throughout the entire project we have received excellent service from ITM-Components.

Darren Chorley, Operations Director, West Midland Safari Park

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testimonial-vario-for-pbs2N® Helios IP Vario enhances security at UniCredit

We were looking for an IP intercom that could be connected to a Cisco IP branch exchange and which also met the very strict security standards of UniCredit Bank. The solution had to be easy to install and could not be a burden for the IT department. Thanks to a recommendation from the project designers, we selected 2N IP intercoms.

Ing. Pavel Lindner, Manager of Infrastructure Services, UniCredit Bank

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testimonial-vario-for-pbsPublic announcement solution over phone system

We were looking for IP based audio solution that would be modular, flexible and could bring us wide adjustment options. With 2N IP audio we have met all of our requirements. We were also pleased with the minimum lead time from design to startup.

Rakesh Sarangi, Assistant General Manager – Electronics, Tata Motors

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testimonial-verso-for-liberec2N® Helios IP Verso for the Regional Hospital in Liberec

Intercoms and readers from 2N help us to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands of our customers. What’s more, their installation and setup is not complicated. We appreciate that all intercoms from 2N and the new 2N® Access Unit readers have the same settings and can be easily administered remotely.

Patrik LENHART, Technical Preparation of Contracts, OAZA-NET s.r.o.

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testimonial-verso-for-liberecSystem for collecting energy data

Using a 2N® SmartCom PRO multi-utility data concentrator from 2N in this project provided an easy, effective and functional way of collecting data from various energy meters. The ability to connect various communication interfaces for terminal energy meters at the same time, led to very effective implementation, with a mere seven units covering over 100 connected measuring devices. During the installation, we appreciated 2N’s flexible response to non-standard situations that occurred during implementation.

Vladimír Svozil, Executive Officer, Enerfis

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testimonial-verso-for-liberec2N® SmartCom PRO reads water meters for Telefónica O2

We have been working with 2N Telekomunikace for a long time and we are very happy with the standard of co-operation. We particularly appreciate its responsible approach to each project. That’s in addition to its flexibility, thanks to which they can modify existing HW elements for the purposes of their implementation. The universality of the solutions 2N Telekomunikace offers enables us to use them for more than one customer solution, primarily in the field of smart metering and M2M communication in general.

Pavel Skala, Presales Consultant, Telefónica O2

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testimonial-verso-for-liberec2N® SmartCom PRO for the collection of energy data

The 2N® SmartCom PRO has enabled KeepFocus to rethink our previous business model and to develop a new business model allowing our customers to benefit from receiving near real time data as well as a lower installation cost, which in turn provides our company with a valuable competitive advantage.

Palle Haderslev, CTO, KeepFocus

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