2N® Net Audio Encoder

Versatile Audio Conversion and Distribution

2N® NetStreamer has become 2N® Net Audio Encoder.

The 2N® Net Audio Encoder has been designed to take any traditional analog audio source (FM radio, PC output, iPod, etc.) and convert the signal to IP so it can easily and efficiently be distributed on your LAN, WAN, or internet connection. Using the 2N® Net  Audio Decoder management software, the IP media produced by the 2N® Net Audio Encoder can be shared locally or remotely. They can be also incorporated with play lists and schedules you create. Ideal for situations where you may either be replacing or enhancing your legacy PA equipment to provide background media for your customers. This can be particularly useful within shopping and retail centers, gyms, hotels, and restaurants, to name just a few!

  • Interfaces analog media sources with a modern IP audio solution
  • Allows multiple input sources
  • Central management
  • LAN/WAN capable
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Easy and comfortable operation


Logic inputs: 2, galvanically isolated, sensitive to contact or current from 5 to 48V
Relay output: 1, galvanically isolated, NO and NC contact, load of max. 48V, 1A
Headphone output: 3.5mm jack, stereo, output of 2 x 30mW, min. impedance of 16Ohm, DR 101dB, THD+N -85dB
Main microphone input: symmetrical, XLR, integrated phantom power supply 24V, DR 88dB, THD+N -82dB
Microphone input for headset: 3.5mm jack, integrated power supply for electret microphones, DR 84dB, THD+N -78dB
Line input: 3.5mm jack, symmetrical mono or asymmetrical stereo, DR 93dB, THD+N -82dB

Power supply
12 to 32V, max. 1A
PoE in accordance with 802.3af standard

Audio stream
PCM, 44,100 kHz, 16bit, Stereo (1650 kbps)

220 x 45 x 140mm

Operating temperature
32 – 104°F

Operating humidity
10-95% (non-condensing)

2N® Net Audio Encoder

2N® Net Audio Encoder
2N® Net Audio Encoder rack mounting kit 1U